Nowadays managers are familiar with the importance of participating in Exhibitions. Great and various market of Iran and also Iranian interest in German Products has made a valuable field for companies to find their proper customer, and use this opportunity as much as possible by efficient discussion in exhibitions. Considering the currency differences between Dollar/Euro and Rial participating in Iran international exhibitions have low cost. (For the expenses detailed info. and the exhibitions related to your business please contact us)
Diba Trading GmbH is offering the following services for exhibition affairs
Stand reservation and equipment preparation and -
Staff preparation and training in order to present the products and other Marketing  activities only during exhibition time (This case will help to reduce extra costs  so that companies can only join with/by Senior Managers
We will be glad, when you  Contact Us and share your demands with us

Coming Exhibition


23th International Printing, Packing & Releated  Machinery Exhibition 

Place: Tehran / Iran - 25 to 28 Dec 2016

 Ibex 2016

The 10th International Flour & Bakery Industry

Place: Tehran / Iran    -     6th to 9th Dec 2016

20th Iran Health Exhibition

Place: Tehran / Iran    -     16 to 19 May 2017

9th International Renewable Energy , Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition

Place: Tehran / Iran    -     24 to 27 Feb 2017